Gentle, insinuate atmosphere during Moutere Inn

Continuing a array profiling song venues in a region, we discuss to a Moutere Inn’s Andrew Cole.

1) How did we enter a business?

We’ve been here for 6 years now. Dave Watson and we and dual others got together in 2007 and reason a few drink festivals during a Upper Moutere Community Centre and they were so renouned we motionless there contingency be an event for an eccentric qualification drink venue. Only a Abbey and one Sprig Fern were qualification drink venues during a time. We approached a motel that was a bit sleepy during a time and bought it in Oct 2008. It’s been a light replacement devise given afterwards – both of a building and business.

2) What do punters and musicians like about a venue?

Like many venues in Nelson we’re utterly insinuate – holding around 100 people tops in a bar. In summer time a song can be listened outward in a garden bar so that can fill adult too. We continue being a nation pub during gigs so there are no inner-city bar prices. Most of a gigs are attract smaller crowds of around 50-60 so there’s customarily seating accessible too.

3) What arrange of shows do we like to hold?

We reason a accumulation over a year though tend to have gentler, some-more loose gigs. Folk, country, jazz and cocktail generally. We have a occasional comedy gig too. We also have a monthly folk night on a initial Thursday of any month that is really popular.

4) What’s your normal sheet price?

Generally free. We usually assign for a integrate of gigs a year. Seated comedy gigs change in price.

5) What has been your many renouned uncover ever?

Probably a new folk night when a Wellington Sea Shanty Society incited up. Certainly a lot of fun and one of a loudest we’ve had.

6) Most astonishing hit?

Each year in Dec we horde Livestock. This is a lineup of around 12 bands from midday to 8pm on a Sunday and any rope get 20 minutes. One notation it’s a solo guitarist, subsequent it’s full-on punk finish with inapt language, afterwards a folk combo. Great stuff. This year it’s on a 7th December.

7) Biggest flop?

Where there’s a song venue there are occasional still nights. A flop? Maybe. Can make for a loose and interesting night behind a bar.

8) What is your performer package?

It all depends on a performer. We always publicize on It’son, a website, in a newsletter and in a internal papers – The Grapevine and Coastal News. Twitter too.

9) What’s entrance adult this summer?

Livestock in December, though we don’t devise too distant ahead. We generally have one or dual gigs a month and a folk night. If anybody wants to start a nation or jazz bar we have a third and fourth Thursdays of any month available!

10) What does a region’s song stage desperately need?

Nelson tends to be off a beaten lane for vital gigs. We have copiousness of venues for a distance of a area so I’m uncertain what we need to attract these. For smaller pub gigs, venues need a throng to spin up. If they don’t, they risk carrying fewer gigs.

– The Nelson Mail

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