These 10 Super Bowl Ads Should Never Aired

Some of a best ads in selling story have run during a Super Bowl. But what a lot of people forget is there have been some genuine clunkers as well.

We’re not articulate about ads that underwhelm or are now forgettable. In many cases, companies have spent millions of dollars to atmosphere ads that are equivocal (if not blatantly) descent and do zero to urge their company’s sales or reputation.

While a vigilant of these ads competence have been to make people giggle or emanate a cocktail enlightenment moment, things went a lot opposite than planned. It’s a biased list, granted, though in many cases, there was a recoil following a ads that a companies roughly positively didn’t anticipate.

Go Daddy


, “Exposure” (2008) – Frankly, we could collect flattering many any of GoDaddy’s ads for a Big Game for this list. The association had regularly used sex in a many blatant approach to spin heads, ignoring a fact that a commercials mostly went over voluptuous to sexist – including former orator and Nascar motorist Danica Patrick stripping down, Patrick and Jillian Michaels requesting physique paint to a bare indication or Bar Refaeli in an extended, shrill messy make out event with a nerdy impression actor. The biggest doubt is since women like Patrick and Michaels would associate themselves with a spots.

The Fallout: After a company’s 2015 IPO, it practiced a Super Bowl ad plan divided from disruption and jiggle. Unfortunately, it caused another uproar when consumers were angry it seemed to be endorsing puppy farms and pulled a ad.

Bud Light


, “Upside Down Clown” (2003) – Clowns are flattering frightful to start with. But this ad took them to a whole new turn when a ‘handstand clown’ slips out of a march and into a bar for a discerning pick-me-up. While a gag’s apparent and zero pithy is shown, it still wasn’t something we wanted to explain to your child as we watched a game. And a suspicion of a jester celebration a drink by a bum doesn’t accurately make us thirsty.

The Fallout: There wasn’t much. Bud came behind a subsequent year with an ad centered on equine flatulence.

General Motors


, “Suicidal Robot” (2007) – Depending on who you’re rooting for in a game, a Super Bowl can be stressful and joyless enough. That’s since humorous commercials tend to do so well. That’s also since examination an manlike public line drudge stealing dismissed for creation a tiny mistake and eventually apropos so unhappy that it takes a possess life creates for a really, unequivocally bad commercial.

The Fallout: After complaints from self-murder impediment advocacy groups, GM agreed to revise a ad 5 days after it aired, stealing a shred where a drudge throws itself off of a bridge.



, “Tibet” (2011) – This ad fails on dual levels. It starts off with Timothy Hutton clearly creation a frank defence for a predicament of a Tibetan people. Not accurately a subject that goes over good with a Super Bowl audience. Then it manages to get worse when it turns into zero some-more than a sales representation for Groupon that marginalizes a enlightenment of a country.

The Fallout: Groupon apologized and pulled a campaign a few days after it aired

SalesGenie, “Pandas” (2008) – If you’re going to representation your service, it’s generally improved to do so though resorting to secular stereotypes. This baffling ad was full of derisive Chinese accents that bordered on racist. Just since it’s a animation doesn’t make it humorous – or right.

The Fallout: Senior officials during a association pronounced they were confused by a firestorm of critique they received. Chairman and CEO Vinod Gupta (who reportedly wrote a ad himself) told a New York Times “We never suspicion anyone would be offended. … The pandas are Chinese. They don’t pronounce German.” The association eventually apologized and stopped using a commercial., “Self Titled” (2000) – The tallness of dot-com arrogance, this ad proudly admitted itself to be a misfortune Super Bowl commercial. Advertising a association that sent “highly personalized e-mails on topics we ask for. Free”, it was rumored to be slapped together in only 3 days. It showed.

The Fallout: The association was out of business within dual years.



, “Lemmings” (1985) – Apple’s “1984” is arguably a biggest Super Bowl ad of all time – and a reason a diversion became an promotion showcase. But many people forget a dull follow-up from 1985, that shows bureau workers marching to their genocide over a cliff. It’s one of a few times Apple has clean missed in a advertising.

The Fallout: The ad didn’t harm a company, though Apple didn’t publicize during a Super Bowl again until 1999.

Dirt Devil, “Dirt Devil Dance” (1997) – Fred Astaire had been passed for scarcely 10 years when Dirt Devil done him an constituent partial of this CGI-intense ad, transforming one of his improved famous dance numbers into a many desired performer ‘dancing’ with a opening cleaner.

The Fallout: Made with a blessing of his widow, though over a conflict of other family members, a ad primarily was seen as a technological marvel, though fans fast incited on a company, that sensitively forsaken a campaign.

Nationwide, “Make Safe Happen” (2015) – Death only doesn’t ring during a Super Bowl, though companies always seem to forget that. Last year, a word hulk bummed a republic out by carrying a child list all a things he would never do, because, as he explained during a finish of a spot, he was dead.

The Fallout: Nationwide had hoped a ad would communicate a critical summary about child safety. Instead, it had such an abrupt, differing end to a account that people fast mocked it, transforming it into a widely widespread meme.

Just For Feet, “Kenyan Runner” (1999) – It’s singular that a bad blurb will kill a company, though Just For Feet, an jaunty shoe retailer, didn’t final too prolonged after this. The ad – in that 4 white group in a Humvee seek, track, afterwards drug a Kenyan curtain in sequence to put tennis boots on him – was quickly labeled “racist” by viewers

The Fallout: Just For Feet sued a ad group for $10 million over a ad, though that fit was fast dropped. Ten months later, Just for Feet filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A small some-more than a year after he blurb ran, the association was sold to Footstar Inc.

The ad has been scrubbed from YouTube, though we can still see it over on Adland.TV.

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