Tech Spotlight Pronto fast consolidates mixed remotes

I have a radio remote. we have a wire remote. we have a Roku actor remote. we have an AppleTV remote. we have a Blu-Ray actor remote.

I have a lot of remotes.

Let’s face it, “universal” remotes aren’t always that universal, and customarily they take perpetually to program, given we have to submit several numeric codes to find a right signal, or worse, have to do one of those clearly unconstrained primer searches.

So, we have a lot of remotes. At least, we did, until we attempted out a Pronto system.

The Pronto for iPhone is a receiver that connects with an iPhone or iPad around Bluetooth and broadcasts infrared, or IR, commands to several media inclination from a Peel Smart Remote app. The app is giveaway to download for a iPhone, yet it works on a iPad, as well.

The Pronto is flattering basic. It’s simply a receiver that runs on 4 AA batteries, that are included. It has an IR prolongation cable, yet we found we didn’t need it. Because it doesn’t need to be plugged in, we can set it usually about anywhere to broadcast to all of a media inclination during once. The receiver broadcasts in all directions, so it was easy to send a vigilance to all of my devices.

The Pronto is usually concordant with a latest iOS products, such as a iPhone or iPad. There’s a good reason for that — some of a latest Android smartphones embody an infrared, or IR, transmitter. They can work as a remote directly. The iPhones miss this feature, so a Pronto is necessary.

Honestly, we wasn’t over eager about contrast a Pronto. we tested a identical product in a past, and while it worked, it was really sluggish, and it didn’t work too good with my streaming media devices. we approaching a identical opening with this.

Boy, was we wrong!

The Pronto and a concomitant app, a Peel Smart Remote, are usually what they publicize to be — an easy-to-use complement that can take a place of all a remote controls sparse about a vital room.

This app positively blows my mind. What shocks me a many is how impossibly easy it is to set adult and to use.

Setup was a breeze. It asked me what kind of device we wanted to set up. It afterwards asked me a formula name, and it had tons of brands from that to choose. On a off possibility a formula isn’t there, we can send a note to a developers to find a formula for we or supplement it to a app’s subsequent update.

The app afterwards indispensable to submit a correct formula to set adult a remote function. Anyone who has ever had to module a concept remote knows a cavalcade — punch a garland of buttons, enter a code, exam it out, comprehend it doesn’t work, punch some-more buttons, repeat. That’s what we approaching here. Instead, a app gave me a elementary symbol to push. we overwhelmed it, zero happened, so we strike “no” during a bottom of a shade where a app asked if my TV incited on. So it slid that symbol off a shade and put a new one on a screen. we overwhelmed it, my TV incited on, we tapped “yes,” and that was it. My radio remote was programmed.

It was that easy.

The best partial is, it was that easy for any device we programmed. Television, wire box, even my Roku and AppleTV — a Peel app took any one of them in turn. The Roku and AppleTV were a easiest, given they usually have one form of remote. we usually had to put in a streaming device, contend what kind it was, and a remote was prepared to go.

I was even means to module in a inclination in another room. The Peel app allows we to apart your remotes by room any time we supplement a device. we had to pierce a Pronto to use a iPhone or iPad with a behind television, yet a Android phone and a built-in IR worked excellent with usually a app.

The usually emanate is my radio is flattering old, and a Peel remote didn’t embody a decimal button. My antenna-fed channels on that radio need a decimal, so changing channels was a bit of a challenge. Still, we did have a elementary channel up/down, volume and energy buttons available.

The app is easy to navigate. It shows a stream programs in categories, such as comedy and drama. A discerning hold allows we to switch to that module instantly. It also has a channel guide, so we can indicate channels, yet it doesn’t indicate brazen easily. You can usually see stream programs. It will let we hunt for programs, and we can set a sign to watch with one touch. In short, a app is installed with good features.

Whether regulating a app alone or with a Pronto for iPhone, a complement doesn’t disappoint. It worked usually as it should, providing full remote controls to mixed inclination but frequency any delays or glitches. The app can run usually excellent in a background, so we can cocktail it adult whenever we need it to change a channel. If you’re looking for a approach to embankment all those remotes and we don’t mind regulating your smartphone to do it, this is really a complement to get.

It looks like we have a lot of remotes to put away.

Melissa L. Jones can be reached around email during

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