Want your food to be GMO-free? Labeling law will let we know

John Moolenaar, R-Midland, represents Michigan’s 4th Congressional District.

By U.S. Rep. John Moolenaar

My father grew adult on a customary Midwestern family plantation and attended college, earning his doctorate in chemistry. Following in his footsteps, we schooled a value of sound scholarship and continue to conclude families who plantation and grow a food. In my younger years, we never disturbed about where my food came from or what was in it. we knew it came from a many farms that dot a landscape opposite a state.

Now, as a some-more wakeful consumer and a parent, like many Americans, we delicately cruise what mixture are in my food, where they come from, what they are done of and either they are safe.

In a past integrate of decades, cultivation and a food supply — like a cars, phones, and computers — have been severely altered by softened technology. Farms opposite a state are considerable technological enterprises, secure in a good tradition of flourishing rational crops as obliged stewards of a land.

Michigan farmers are now means to furnish some-more food per acre, some-more safely than ever. This means they have some-more to sell in a internal grocery stores and around a world. This creates a food we buy some-more affordable and gives farmers larger certainty about earning a lapse on a crops they plant. These earnings advantage their family farms and a communities via midst and northern Michigan.

This has been done probable by new tillage methods that concede crops to be some-more weather-resistant and means to withstand threats from parasites and invasive species.

Genetically engineered foods, some-more ordinarily famous as genetically mutated organisms (GMOs), are widely accessible in a marketplace and decades of research, regulating sound science, has found that these dishes are healthy and protected to eat.

Americans are always right to be meddlesome in a products they are buying. Those who cite non-GMO food should have a means of identifying it. As a member of a House Agriculture Committee, we am a cosponsor of House Bill 1599, a Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, that a House upheld with clever bipartisan support.

This legislation will emanate one nationwide, intentional customary for a labeling of food that is genetically engineered. It also allows growers of organic or non-GMO dishes to publicize in a unchanging approach to business who enterprise their products. This will discharge a intensity weight that could emerge if opposite organizations or states deliver their possess standards for genetically engineered plants.

Michigan farmers who furnish organic products and those who furnish required products will advantage from larger clarity in a marketplace that allows consumers to make sensitive decisions. They will have usually one customary to follow, simplifying a routine of offered products in other states.
Michigan shoppers will suffer meaningful that there is an easy to know customary that will tell them either or not a product is engineered since they will know what to demeanour for when they are grocery shopping. H.R. 1599 will safeguard that widespread commerce between a states has a uniform customary that will be simply accepted by a producers in one state and shoppers in another state. This is a energy that Congress has underneath Article 1 of a Constitution.

Michigan family farms use record to furnish some-more food than ever before, gripping food protected and affordable to feed a communities, a republic and a world. The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act will emanate a new, improved customary of clarity for producers and consumers everywhere.

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