A box for Tamil delegate propagandize (Part 2)

FMT LETTER: From RT Rajah, around e-mail

Tamil is one of a central languages in Singapore and it is mandatory for students to take one second denunciation subject, where Indians will select Tamil, Malays – Bahasa Melayu and Chinese – Mandarin. (Please take note there are Indian students who chose Malay or Mandarin as a second language).

In Malaysia, minority languages are used by gathering and therefore in my perspective there is still a need for both Tamil and Chinese schools as these dual vital minority groups can safety their denunciation and cultures in a country.

Before a supervision introduced dignified studies in a Sek Keb and Sek Menengah, all Malay and Muslim students will go for Agama Islam category and a non-Malays or non-Muslims will go for POL category (Pupils Own Language). The Chinese will go for Mandarin while a Indians will go for Tamil classes and these subjects were enclosed in a daily timetable.

But after dignified studies was introduced in a mid-90s, a POL classes in many of a schools were pushed to a weekends or Fridays, after propagandize hours. Thus not all students wanted to investigate a subjects even for believe consequence and many importantly, it was not compulsory.

Some contend a customary and peculiarity of a preparation complement and teachers are think in Tamil schools. we remonstrate with this point. Nowadays, we can see connoisseur teachers in Tamil schools, and a supervision has also come adult with a complement where Tamil propagandize proxy teachers can go for part-time Diploma in Education studies (Diploma Pendidikan) courses during propagandize holidays. And now if there is a delegate propagandize as we mentioned earlier, we can furnish improved students and teachers in future.

In sequence to move Tamil schools to a improved a standard, they contingency have a simple comforts such as lab, mechanism room, indoor and outside sports facilities, etc. and to grasp it all, a Indians should play their partial in whatever approach they can. For example, temples can adopt Tamil schools (some temples have already started it. Recently a Kuala Lumpur Sri Maha Mariamman Devastanam donated RM100k any to a Appar Tamil propagandize and Batu Caves Tamil school

The schools also should make use of a allocation by a supervision and other sources in a correct and pure way. We should not always be too contingent on a government. If we can build thousands of temples costing millions of ringgit, because not also spend some income to ascent a Tamil schools.

I also titillate that all Tamil schools form an Old Students Association. (I have been told that some of a schools already have one). These associations can assistance to ascent a schools in whichever approach they hold necessary.

There are also Indians who worry that in destiny there competence be a need to tighten or combine existent Tamil schools due to a dump in intakes.

In sequence to inspire a people to send their children to Tamil schools a particular NGOs and domestic parties can come adult with a programme that explains a hint and a significance of Tamil schools to a public. For instance they can discharge notices, publicize in daily newspapers and other media such as TV radio and internet media.

Lately, a Penang Hindu Association (PHA) distributed a notice both in English Tamil that highlighted a significance of Tamil schools to a public, during Thaipoosam 2014. This is one good step. We contingency make use of these festivals not usually for prayers though also for a growth of a community. we unequivocally conclude PHA’s effort.

All a Indian NGOs in Malaysia can join together and organize a programme such as Tamil denunciation festival usually like Singapore carrying it each year in a month of Apr (this year from 29 Mar to 27 Apr 2014). This can move a lot of awareness, generally among younger era per a significance of Tamil denunciation and Tamil schools.

In conclusion, if one compares a customary of Tamil schools 10 years ago, there has been a lot of improvement. Therefore, we interest and titillate all Malaysian Indians to send their children to Tamil schools. If they unequivocally can’t for some current reason, do greatfully learn them Tamil so that they can during slightest read, write and pronounce a language.

Tamil is not usually a mom tongue of a Tamilars. History tells us that Tamil is The Mother of other languages. Even China has a Tamil Radio channel and a DJ is a Chinese woman.

Many non-Tamil vocalization people are training and conducting investigate into a Tamil language. Lately, a German woman spoke a denunciation fluently. She also teaches it.

In this video, one of a critical points she mentions is that in this universe all other races give first  priority to their mom tongue afterwards usually followed by English and other languages though many Indians-Tamilars give initial priority to English and other languages,and compensate reduction courtesy to or do not even wish to pronounce their possess mom tongue.

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