Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Plan Offers Retirement Gold

Bruce Jenner’s recent interview about his gender struggle and transition to the opposite sex, reveals powerful insights that other baby boomers can apply to create a gold medal retirement.

The most profound point of the interview came early on when Jenner revealed, “If I die, which, I could be diagnosed next week with cancer… I would be so mad at myself that I didn’t explore that side of me… And I don’t want that to happen.”

What a powerful reminder of how fragile life can be, and how quickly it can change. In fact, it parallels one of the most common regrets hospice patients share at the end of their life. It’s a deep-rooted sense of remorse for not having the courage to live a life true to themselves, along with disappointment for spending so much time trying to please others. It’s one of the reasons I encourage people to prepare beyond just the dollars and cents of retirement by creating a no-regrets plan that can help address these non-financial areas of concern.

During the interview, Jenner recounted one of his ten children asking, “Why now?” Implying the repercussions from such a move may not bear the same benefits than if he had made the decision sooner. That simple question illustrates the role that perspective can play in a retirement plan.  From Jenner’s side of things,  it’s not “why now,” it’s more like “finally.”  A completely different view which re-frames his decision from a last-ditch effort to one full of potential, rediscovery, and personal growth.

Whether you agree with his decision or not, people often wrongly assume that their struggles will just go away when they finally call it quits. Unfortunately, problems can actually get worse simply because retirees have more time to think about them and fewer distractions to keep them occupied. As a result, retirement can be the ideal time to address the things that have been holding you back, fostering a resurgence instead of ongoing concealment.

That’s not to say, Jenner or anyone else heading down a path of change won’t run into trouble. Another frightening reality brought up during the interview was the role suicide can play in transgender issues.  A symptom of lost or no identity that is also be shared by some retirees.

There’s a dark side of retirement that few people ever talk about and can include addiction, depression, and suicide. In fact, research suggests that some of the highest rates of suicide are found in white males over the age of 65. Likewise, suicide rates for transgender people are also on the rise as they face their own challenges to fit-in.   That makes surrounding yourself with the right people and resources a crucial part of ones overall well-being. After all, retirement can be the ideal stage of life to rekindle a passion or hobby, stitch a relationship cut from the past, or prime opportunity to break free and truly reach your full potential because in the end, the best legacy anyone can leave is a happy, healthy, and genuine you!

Over the coming days and weeks, Bruce Jenner’s courage and willingness to share his personal situation and plan will surely be classified in a number of different ways, but no matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, the insights he revealed can play a key roll in helping other baby boomers and retirees achieve retirement gold.

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